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Week 8: Entry 1

Working in the blog...also the robot. I recommend this class to anyone who loves to build and take things apart.
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Entry 2

Working on the blog because we have to do two every week. It's 2 pictures and 2-3 sentences. 

Week 7: Entry 1

Still working on the robot to make it drive properly. Will keep trying until it is right.

Entry 2

Still trying to get it to program right. Been working on it for a while now.

Week 6: Entry 1

Working on getting the robot to program right. It goes in the wrong direction sometimes.

Entry 2

Programming it. Adding more parts. On our way with building this robot.

SolidWorks VEX Claw-bot

Finish with the SolidWorks VEX claw-bot. The four views as requested is shown: Isometric view      Front view     Top view  Side view